How to use your OneTapConnect Smart Card

Learn how to use your Smart Card to open your OneTapConnect card.

Does the OneTapConnect smart card works on all phone types?

The OneTapConnect smart card (and other accessories) works on all recent iPhones as well as all recent Android phones.

Where should I “tap” my smart card?

On iPhone, the NFC sensor is at the top of the phone, while on Android, the NFC sensor is located at the center back of the phone.

NOTE: The NFC sensor can be easily turn on and off on Android. A QR code is also printed on the card as a backup in the rare case the NFC doesn’t work.

How to “tap” my smart card?

Simply HOLD your card for 1 second near the phone NFC sensor. A notification will popup. If nothing happens, simply switch to the QR code.

It is rare that the NFC sensor doesn’t work as most phones now have the technology. However, Android phones are trickier as there are many brands and sometimes large or metal cases can block the sensor and make it difficult to detect the card.

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